Bonpoint is a house

memories and its invitation to write new pages. It draws the traces of time, the blank slate of new beginnings, births and the inner journeys that comes with them.

This collection is equally for the woman who feels re-born when she becomes a mother and the one that the body as well as the spirit of childhood continue to inhabit.
Often, the memory of the child we were reaches us when our children are born.
The search for our identity, what is not stored away, and still alive finds its expression in our look.
We find in our clothes the traces of these colors, these textures, this design, like the gentle unveiling of our own transformation. The Bonpoint woman captures the paradox of the roles that she is supposed to play in a changing world. If there is a game allowed, it is that of the child that we were. This women's collection offers the possibility of having fun in a different way, with a unique wardrobe whose language is as plural as femininity. Because getting dressed is like being reborn, because discovering your own style is a new beginning. 

« Bonpoint is a family House, a place that generates emotion, leaves a permanent impression, and stands for timelessness… This new women collection is inspired by its free-spirited nature in terms of mixing styles, attitudes, quality and care to details. It is designed for a naturally chic woman who follows fashion without being defined by it. And Palais Royal, with its rich history, represents a confidential place to breath, with an authentic Parisian culture. » 

Esther Loonen