The girls’ collection comes close to the sophistication of haute couture with each meticulously sewn piece. The dresses and blouses feature elegant smocking on the chest, and the pants, shorts, jackets, and coats are just as detail-oriented without sacrificing comfort and durability.

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Aizoon Cardigan pinkEmbroidered organic cotton cardigan


Francille Cardigan white milkEmbroidered organic cotton cardigan


2 colors

Frida Dress milk whiteEmbroidered cotton dress


Fillette Dress medium greenPrinted organic cotton dress


Cora Dress lagoon blueLoose-fitting striped crepe dress


Cassidy Jacket aqua blueOrganic denim jacket


Aymon Hat naturalRaffia hat


Clarisse Cardigan poppy redCotton and linen cardigan


2 colors

Fifi Blouse ivoryEmbroidered organic cotton blouse


Faye Hat coralOrganic Liberty fabric hat